White 5mm Moo Yarn Macrame Cord

White 5mm Moo Yarn Macrame Cord

Moo Yarn 5mm Macrame Cord - White


This is a 100 meter spool of premium single twist recycled cotton cord.  


Moo Yarn is produced in the UK from recycled fabrics, I can absolutely say that our own Moo Yarn cords and ropes are great to work with, they are incredibly soft and feel beautiful.  The single twists also brush out wonderfully for all those fluffy fringes and tassels!

Our cords are perfect for a variety of macramé, knitting and crochet projects.
Perfect For:
+Wall Hangers
+Plant Hangers

Aprox needle size 8-10mm

Moo Yarn cord has been accredited the OEKO-TEX Standard 100; this ensures that the tested and certified yarn does not contain any harmful substances that are a danger to human health and environment - Standard 100 also ensures it meets the requirements for baby articles). The standard single colour cord is 100% recycled.

Single Twist is the following composition:

5mm; 100 strands of recycled cotton


Braided Cord is the following composition:

100% recycled cotton braided cord
polyester filling


How it is produced:

Manufactured in the UK, our cords and ropes are made from a biproduct of textile production that would normally go to landfill.  This biprodut is then cut up and shredded carfully blending different shades together to make all the wonderful colours in our Moo Yarn collection.  No chemical dyes are used as the colours come from the recycled materials directly.  When all that is done it is spun in to wonderful cords and ropes that you can use for all your crafty projects


The inner spool is made of card so you can pop it in to your recycalling when you have finished with it or use it for another crafty project.  My children love making tube snakes with mine!