Holiday Crafting

Crochet scene from Kate Bruning's, 'Let's Go Camping!'

It's been 12 months since we experienced our first national lockdown, it's been turbulent, not just for us in this tiny corner of the planet but the whole world, and for some more than others.

I don't know about anyone else, but most of the time I don't know weather I'm coming or going, some times I feel like my head is going to explode. With three children all different ages, working from home, studying, home schooling, Mr working from home, different rules to follow for everyone when they go back to school and the government changing their minds all the time...this is what a Push Me Pull You must feel like.

Does anyone else remember those!?

One thing is for sure, we are a nation that loves to craft. In my previous life, pre covid I ran a tea room and we had some sort of crafty evening going on every month from chocolatiering and Christmas wreath making to children's art classes. We always sold out and it was always super fun.

What made it so fun? Well, it was all of our lovely guests. Like minded people who came alone or with a friend who wanted to learn a new craft or practice their favourite craft but be with other people with similar interests. People who become new friends, a new support group and a new community.

Bringing people and families together with different activities through out the year.

Yes, it is not that easy to do that now, or at all at the minute but these communities are still out there on forums, social media groups, zoom or good old fashioned snail mail! Now more than ever contact is important and these lovely crafty groups are away of sharing that contact.

The Craft Council is a great resource and have a wonderful article explaining why crafts are so good not just for social contact but also for our mental health, (link down bellow).

How does this all tie into holiday crafting I hear you say. Well, I feel that this year is going to be an even bigger year of staycations than last, and there are a whole lotta crafts that you can bundle into your bag and take anywhere with you. Weather you are holidaying in a caravan in Cornwall, Staying in a cottage in Scotland or in a tent in your back garden, with limited sight seeing activates you definitely don't have any excuses to be board with a multitude of finger busting bag popping crafts to take along for you and your whole family!

Maybe like me, you have been wanting to learn how to crochet, years seems to have swept past and you just never got round to it, well now is your perfect chance! (See my blog on my crochet journey here). You could even crochet yourself a cute holiday scene like the one above from Kate Bruning's book, 'Let's Go Camping!'

I have fallen in love with macraweaveing so this year I am going to be stuffing my holiday craft bag full of sticks, hoops, cords and beautiful sari ribbons, if we are lucky enough to fly off into the sunset to some where hot, hot, hot then I am definitely booking a holiday craft suitcase into the cargo hold!

If like me you like dipping your toes into everything and you just can't decide what to pack into your holiday craft bag, then why not give yourself a lucky dip holiday craft bag, be spontaneous, grab a few things, threw them into your bag, and get your creative funk on with what ever you pull out of the bag first!

If you are new to this game and you just don't know where to start first, think about what you'd like to try first, spend about five minutes on google to see what you would like to produce at the end and just buy what you need for that project. There is no need to spend huge amounts of money to get you started. You might even have a lot of things at home you can use and not even realize it, for example, if weaving is your holiday craft, you can quite easily make a loom out of a bit of card. I remember doing this at school do you!?

We all have scissors and probably some kind of string or yarn, glue and some sort of paints at home which are great as part of your basic kits, if your like, 'yeah, lets do this, lets go for it, I want to build my kit up!' then why not head over to our store and check out our wonderful and growing array of cords, yarns, silk ribbons, hoops, buttons and so many more beautiful things! We've even launched our own brand of macramé cords, Moo Yarns.

So, don't be shy, grab a bag and fill it up and enjoy that staycation holiday with some fun crafty activities for you and your family!

My beautiful holiday craft bag made by Mariana D, filled up with a mix of cords, ropes and yarns ready for a variety of macraweaving.

The Craft Council

Amazon, Kate Bruning, Let's Go Camping! From cabins to caravans, crochet your own camping scenes

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