Natural dying a macrame plant hanger

The Full Story

Behind Moodusa Macramé

I come from quite a creative family and really enjoy being creative myself.  I have memories of my older sister visiting with her jewellery making paraphernalia and fell in love with the whole idea of it.  My sister would sit with me and show me how to make my own beads out of Fimo and make my own bits of jewellery.   I still have my kit from way back when which my older daughter now dabbles with and little mementos of the first pieces I made. 


I find being creative so therapeutic and enjoy the process of picking up the materials that I am working with and seeing where I'll finish at the end.  It's like a mystery box!

When I left school I went to live with my older sister in London and studied a foundation course at the London College of Fashion.  I loved every minute of it and new that I wanted to have my own business one day.  After the course had finished I moved home and started a jewellery and business studies course.  One thing led to another and my path diverted for more than a decade.  A family and two career changes later and here we are...  


For a long time I had wanted to try out Macramé but never had the time with one thing and another.  One very early morning, insomnia gave me the push to try it out and I haven't stopped since.

I only use 100% cotton or recycled cords to make my creations with and always support local business when looking for supplies.

Thank you for supporting me on my new path, please do drop me a line!